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Logistics 4.0: Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Management

Call for Paper

“Logistics 4.0: Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Management”


Description and Scope of the Book

     Manufacturing and service industry has been broadly affected by the past industrial revolutions.  From the invention of the steam engine to digital automated production, the first Industrial Revolution and the following revolutions conduced to significant changes in operations and supply chain management (SCM) processes. Rapid changes in manufacturing and service systems caused by industrial revolutions have led to improvements in productivity for companies over the years. This fast-paced environment brings new challenges and opportunities for companies that adopt new technologies such as the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, data analytics, the blockchain, and cloud technology. These emerging technologies have facilitated and expedited the birth of Logistics 4.0.
Industry 4.0 initiative in SCM has attracted stakeholders’ attention due to its ability to combine a set of technologies to execute more efficient production and distribution systems. This initiative called Logistics 4.0 as the fourth Industrial Revolution in SCM due to its high potential. Logistics 4.0 connects entities, machines, physical items, and enterprise resources by using sensors, devices and the Internet within supply chains. The context of the Internet of Things (IoT) enables customers to make more suitable and valuable decisions due to the data-driven structure of the Industry 4.0 paradigm. Besides that, the IoT’s ability to gather and analyze information about the environment at any given time and adapt itself to the rapid changes add significant value to the SCM processes. In this context, we are pleased to announce the preparation of a book entitled “Logistics 4.0: Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Management”. In this peer-reviewed book, expert authors in their fields from all over the world are invited to present conceptual frameworks for Logistics 4.0 and introduce examples for the utilization of Industry 4.0 tools in SCM. 

Target Audience
The intended audience for this book includes academicians, practitioners as well as professionals in supply chain management.

Main Themes
The book includes contributions and reviews of the latest developments in Logistics 4.0 and Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Management, including but not limited to:

  • A conceptual framework for Industry 4.0 How is it started, How is it evolving over time? 
  • Logistics 4.0: SCM in Industry 4.0 Era Changing patterns of logistics in Industry 4.0 and the role of digital transformation in SCM
  • Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems in SCM
  • Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Decision Making in SCM
  • Big Data and Data Analytics in SCM
  • Cloud Technology in SCM
  • Simulation in SCM
  • Systems Dynamics in SCM
  • Machine Learning in SCM
  • Augmented Reality in SCM
  • Blockchain in SCM: The impact of Blockchain for SCM- potentials, promises, and future directions
  • Cyber Security in SCM
  • AI, Robotics and Autonomous Systems in SCM
  • Automated Guided Vehicles in SCM
  • ERP in the age of Industry 4.0
  • Smart Factories: Transformation of Manufacturing
  • Maturity Models and Analysis for Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0
  • Management of Digital Transformation in SCM
  • Human Resources Management in Logistics 4.0 
  • The strategic role of marketing in Logistics 4.0: The effect of consumer behavior and experience


Case studies or experimental applications and detailed literature surveys on models and algorithms developed for lean and green supply chains are welcome, too.


Critical Dates
– Extended Abstract Submission (min 500 words): May 1, 2019,
– Assignment of Reviewers: May 15, 2019,
– Notification of acceptance for abstracts (Decision): July 15, 2019,
– Full Paper Upload: November 15, 2019,
– Assignment of Reviewers: December 15, 2019,
– Sending the Reviews to Authors: February 15, 2020,
– Receiving the Revised Versions: May 15, 2020,
– Final notification of acceptance (Decision): July 15, 2020,
– Final Manuscript due to Publisher: September 2020

All documents should be submitted through the CRC System; e-mails on any questions can be directed beforehand to Dr. Paksoy ([email protected]), Dr. Gonul Kochan ([email protected]) or Dr. Ali ([email protected]).
Full book chapters need to be formatted according to the guidelines and template available at CRC Press ( These formatting instructions will be e-mailed together with the acceptance notification of your extended abstract.

The book will be published by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group in the “Business & Management/Supply Chain Management/Logistics” series.


Dr. Turan Paksoy (Editor), Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, Faculty of Engineering, Konya Technical University, TURKEY
Dr. Cigdem Gonul Kochan (Co-editor), Assistant Professor of Operations Research and Supply Chain Management, The James F. Dicke College of Business Administration, Ohio Northern University, USA
Dr. Sadia Samar Ali (Co-editor), Associate Professor, Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Abdul Aziz University, SA

Taylor&Francis book contents are indexed by Web of Science (owned by Clarivate), Scopus (owned by Elsevier) and Google Scholar at the chapter level.

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